Water Damage Restoration Service

Need our experts to perform vital post-flood water damage restoration services on your home?

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Has your home sprung a leak? We offer emergency residential plumbing services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (and 365 days a year).

Our expert team of skilled 24-hour plumbers can be with you in a matter of hours. They are fully equipped to handle almost any emergency plumbing repairs on the spot.

Our qualified, vetted, and insured emergency plumbers can fix any water related issue in your home. Including:

Emergency plumbers can be used for any plumbing problems you encounter outside of normal office hours. They solve your plumbing problems before complicated issues can arise.

Plumbing Squad

Steps for Water Damage restoration & repairs

To provide the best water damage restoration service in the business, the Plumbing Squad works through each task with care and attention. We provide water damage solutions for your home using the following steps.

Step 01 - Assessment

After you call us, the Plumbing Squad will arrive on-site and make an assessment of the damage. At this point, our emergency response water damage restoration team can give you an estimate on damages and costs.

Step 2 – Water Extraction

Next, our technicians will use state-of-the-art equipment to withdraw all the water that remains in your home. This means de-hydrating the area in order to start repairing any damage done. It is essential that the water is fully removed from the area before restoration so that your house is left structurally sound.

Step 03 - Water Damage Cleaning and Repair

Our water damage restoration service will leave no stone damp as we clean around the areas affected. We will next repair the damage done, so that it is returned to its previous state.

When we leave, we will even clean up any brick dust, wood chips, or debris that remains. We want to create an unintrusive water damage repair service that eliminates your problem without creating a mess.

Step 04 - Mold & Mildew Prevention

We will then treat the area, if treatment is needed. Mold and mildew are produced when areas of your home are left damp. They slowly rot and decay, leaving you with an unsafe structure.

Our focused water damage restoration technicians will treat the area with a mild chemical spray, which seals the building material, preventing mold, mildew, and bacterial growth—all part and parcel of keeping your family safe.

Emergency Restoration Services From a Company That Cares

Water damage strikes at the worst time – after an emergency situation. Be it a flood, a burst pipe, sewage backup or overflow, restoration is an essential part of the clean-up process after the plumbers have gone home.

Here at the Plumbing Squad, we are delighted to offer our own water damage restoration service. We cater to residential water damage restoration in an area near you, so call us today if you need urgent water damage restoration help.

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Water Damage Restoration Service FAQs

If you still have questions regarding the Plumbing Squad’s exemplary water damage restoration services, then check the answers below. It may be that another person has already asked us and we have already answered.

Water damage restoration is a service that treats the damage caused by a plumbing malfunction. Usually used in the home, this service includes assessment of the damages, removal of the water, cleaning of the area, and any chemical treatments for future mold prevention.
Water damage restoration is an essential service after an emergency plumbing repair. If left unchecked, water damage can affect the structural integrity of your house. If you don’t have it dealt with, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria which will negatively impact your family’s health.

Water damage isn’t always covered by home insurance. You will have to check the fine print. Some companies require you to have an endorsement in order to cover certain aspects of sewage damages, and some will require an additional Flood Cover option when you take out your policy.

The national average that each person pays for water damage restoration to their homes, is around $3,000. The minimum cost for large-scale damages is usually $1,000. Here at the Plumbing Squad, we offer affordable water damage restoration that competitively challenges these rates.

The warmth and shelter of your home provides excellent conditions for bacterial growth, should your walls and floors be left damp. Bacteria thrives in wet, warm conditions. This is why it is so important to hire a water damager restoration expert when your home has been through a flood. You may even need one after emergency plumbing repairs.

Water damage mitigation is the process of removing badly soaked items so that they don’t cause further issues. The removal of soaked and rotting furniture after a flood, for example, prevents the damp from leaking back out into the room once it has been dried out.

If you have experienced water damage in your drywall, then you need a specialist. Water damage restoration services just like the Plumbing Squad, are fully equipped to handle just such situations. Call (000) 000 000 for urgent help, today.

Water damage in the ceiling is particularly worrying, because the structural integrity can become weakened. This means the ceiling is in danger of falling in on you. Don’t live with it. Call a water damage restoration service today, and don’t let your family live in danger.

While water damage mitigation involves removing damaged objects and material from the home, water damage restoration is the process of rebuilding a home. If your contractors are removing furniture before it causes more damage, they are mitigating. If they are completely rebuilding parts of your home, then they are restoring.

You can minimize water damage by locating the water shut-off valve and turning your water off at the source. Next, try to find the source of the problem, if it is safe to do so. The third step should be to call in the water damage restoration experts at the Plumbing Squad to take care of the damages in a safe, effective way.