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Emergency Plumbing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Emergency Plumbing Services in
Los Angeles

Here are the answers to some of the questions regarding our emergency plumbing services. Check below if you have questions, it may be that somebody else asked first.

What is considered a plumbing emergency?

A plumbing emergency is any situation that greatly interrupts your daily life. So things like flooding, sewer backups, burst pipes, are all things which should be addressed immediately if possible. And that’s because they are health hazards and render bathrooms unusable. But for the most part, just ask yourself whether the problem can wait before contacting us: If not then do so right away!

I messed up my DIY plumbing work, can you fix it?

Yes! We understand why you’d want to try on your own. But ultimately, a trained professional will give you the best results with the least chance of error in the process.

How do you thaw a frozen pipe?

If left unchecked, frozen water can be detrimental to your pipes and furniture. Before beginning work, turn off the water supply to that section of plumbing, or for the whole house if necessary. If you suspect a plumbing leak, be prepared with mops and buckets to catch any leaks or spills. You can also use space heaters for quick relief from freezing pipes and clothes dryers if the frozen pipe is electric. Avoid using open flames to thaw pipes as they pose a serious fire risk.

How do I handle a burst pipe?

Turn the water off at the main valve before you do anything else. If the pipe burst has occurred on an upper level, see if the water has already moved to a lower level. Then make sure to prevent the deadly combination of water and electricity by shutting off all power before you begin working. And be sure to take pictures as you work because you will need them for insurance.


What do you do when your home has fully flooded?

If you find your home has a real flooding problem at hand, like with the burst pipe, shut off the water main valve to turn off the flow of water. Afterward, cut the electrical power and do not enter a room or area that is flooded to prevent electrocution. Remove any electronics, furniture and appliances from affected areas before doing anything else. Then remove damaged content and dry the floor with dehumidifiers to prevent mold. Disinfect both your floor and fans of bacteria risk. Finally, contact your insurance company to document damages and losses, and call the Plumbing Squad to help fix and remediate the aftermath.

What does it mean if I have no water at all?

You are most likely experiencing a broken water line. The culprit is probably a pipe that’s been compromised by a tree root, which is causing it to leak and collapse. If your water lines have been damaged, you could be without running water in much or all of your home.

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