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Toilet Repair & Installation service

Quick and Easy Toilet Repair & Installation Service

One of the worst and most frustrating plumbing problems you can experience is a broken toilet. And whether you need toilet repair at home or at your commercial workplace, you’re going to have big issues if you don’t fix it right away. You might be experiencing annoying clogs or leaky and runny toilets, but you’ll want your appliance working fast so you can get on with your life without worry. 

So if you’ve got toilet problems that won’t go away, then check out some of the toilet repair and installation services we offer below to get them fixed as soon as possible.

Clogged, Running, & Leaking Toilet Repair

When it comes to toilet repair, we’ve got our work cut out for us. Clogged toilets are amongst the most common of problems we encounter, so we know how to check to see if you have a small problem on your hands, or if something bigger is brewing in the background. Either way, we can tell you immediately and come up with a solution to fix it fast. 

Additionally, another common toilet problem is leaks and running water. You’ll want to deal with this quickly as well, otherwise it’ll lead to water waste in the hundreds of gallons daily. This means a bigger water bill until you get it resolved. But if you reach out to us then we’ll get your toilet repaired pronto.

Toilet Installation & Replacement

Toilet installation is not something you should take lightly. If you don’t have any experience or knowledge in this department, rather than risk faulty installation, just let our trained plumbers handle the job so you don’t have anything to fret over. We’ll get your toilet installed fast, with zero problems, and you’ll have a new working toilet in no time. The only thing you need to worry about is figuring out which toilet to buy and will look best in your bathroom – the Plumbing Squad can handle the rest.

Commercial Toilet Repair Service

Just like a home, a commercial toilet can and will experience clogs, leaks, and running water. And most likely, it’ll be worse because traffic will be higher from a combination of workers and customers using them all day. The worst thing you can do in this situation is spend time trying to fix it yourself while employees or customers uncomfortably wait, simply hoping for the problem to be resolved as fast as possible. But in far less time and with a professional touch, the Plumbing Squad can have your toilet fixed with speed and certainty.

Commercial Toilet Installation Services

Time really is money when it comes to your commercial toilet. We can have a brand new appliance installed and ready to support your business in no time. You won’t be reading the manufacturer’s directions or hoping your toilet is set up correctly. Instead, it’ll be set up perfectly while you focus on important business matters. All you’ve got to do is let us know and you’ll have a nice, working business toilet in no time.

For a toilet repair & installation done for you fast, pick up the phone and call the Plumbing Squad!

Toilet Service Repair & Installation FAQs

In this section, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about our toilet repair & installation service.

How do I do toilet repair when it's constantly running?

Generally speaking, replacing the flapper valve on a toilet should stop a running toilet. Start by buying a replacement flapper valve at the store. To install it, turn off the water supply below the toilet, and then remove the old flapper from the flush valve and disconnect it from the flush handle chain. Then put the replacement flapper valve in its place. Now you can turn the water back on and do a couple of test flushes. If that doesn’t work, you’ve probably got a problem that a trained plumber needs to resolve.

What’s that strange “gurgling” sound coming from my toilet?

That odd sound you’re hearing is air going back up your toilet. Most likely, there’s some clogging going on somewhere in your sewer line, which can be an annoying problem to deal with. We highly suggest just giving us a call to deal with as it can become a severe problem to deal with otherwise.


What if my toilet leaks at the base?

When your toilet leaks at the base, it usually means you’ve got a bad ring seal. It could also mean you’ve got a clogged drain stack that’s causing water to pool underneath the toilet. Either way, you’ll need a professional plumber to come and clean it since the equipment required to do this may be hard to acquire. The good thing is that by letting us deal with this, we’ll handle both the drain stack and the bad ring seal at the same time, saving you the hassle of methodically dealing with the problems causing this.

Is there a reason my toilet won’t flush all the way?

There’s a good chance one of the toilet parts simply isn’t working correctly. First, check the flapper. When you flush, it should rise and then lower directly on top of the gasket. Next, check the ball float. Make sure it’s not getting stuck when the water’s at a low level. Finally, check the toilet chain. It should not be stuck on anything and shouldn’t be too long or short to function correctly.

If all those things are working properly but there’s still a problem, it’s time to call in the Plumbing Squad.


Some plumbing situations are so bad that calling in an emergency plumbing service is far cheaper than the cost of the water damage, should you leave it till morning. Those are the times when an emergency plumber is necessary.

When should I call a plumber for toilet repair?

If you’ve tried a few things with no luck, there’s no reason to wait to call in a professional. To give you a better idea of when a pro should be called in, though, any of these times are good:

  • The toilet is loose from the floor
  • The toilet base is leaking
  • The tank is refilling slowly
  • The running water is filling irregularly
  • The toilet is constantly running water
  • The toilet is flushing oddly

If your toilet is experiencing any of those issues, it’s a sure sign you’ve got a toilet problem to deal with. The sooner you deal with it, the better. The last thing you want is a surprisingly expensive water bill or even water damage to restore and pay for.