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How to Tell If You Have a Burst Pipe

It’s easy enough to know you require burst pipe repair if a leak has sprung in your kitchen or you’re dealing with a puddle in your living room.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to come to that!

Instead of waiting for the worst to happen, there are a few things around your home to watch out for so you can avert a serious issue.

And if you’re not comfortable with the DIY approach, be sure to reach out to our emergency plumbing professionals who will check out the issue for you.

How to Tell If You Have a Burst Pipe

Detecting a burst pipe in your home is essential for promptly addressing the issue and minimizing potential water damage. Here are some signs to look out for:

Lower Water Pressure

Good water pressure is a major point for many homeowners who enjoy a warm, soothing shower. But if you’ve noticed a change in your water pressure lately, it can point to pipe issues.

It doesn’t even have to be something dramatic like going from a surge to a dribble. It can simply be a slight shift that points an issue down the road.

Unfortunately, because a leak means that water will be escaping from some place in your home, it can mean there’s burst pipe damage from not winterizing plumbing effectively.

Wooden planks with water stains

Wet Spots or Water Stains

Because water pipes run through your home’s walls, any issue with them will usually appear on walls or in ceilings.

And while it may not be a full flow of water, the appearance of wet spots or even brown stains can point to a yet-to-be-diagnosed leak from a burst pipe in house.

A major leak will likely present itself in a more apparent way. But it’s important to watch for smaller areas around the home that can diagnose the issue.

Noisy Pipes

A banging or whistling sound might seem like a random occurrence when it comes to your pipes. But this type of sound can often point to a burst pipe somewhere in your home!

Because water will have to flow around any dents or damage in your pipes, it may make a whistling sound from the fluctuation in pressure. Unfortunately, because water may be jostled, this can end up causing even more damage to your pipes!

If you’re not running the faucet and your shower isn’t going and you’re still hearing noises from your pipes, there’s a good chance pipe restoration might be required.

Woman pouring water into glass

Dirty Water

Have you noticed your water taking on a strange tinge? If so, it can be a pretty sure sign that your pipes are beginning to rust.

Unfortunately, rust will slowly eat away at your pipes which will effectively thin them out. This can lead to increased water pressure or even cracks that will eventually require burst pipe repair.

If the water in your kitchen and bathroom looks strange, your pipe may already be leaking or about to burst. 


There are a few simple ways to tell if you might have pipe problems in your home. If you’ve noticed dirty water or even a lot of noise from your pipes, it may be time for a little home maintenance.

You can also check out our blog on “How To Winterize Plumbing for the Cold Season” to learn more about avoiding burst pipes during the winter months.

Just be sure to deal with the problem right away so it doesn’t become a bigger issue in short order!

If you’re not sure how to fix a burst pipe in your home, contact the experts at Plumbing Squad or reach us on our website.

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