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How to Unclog Your Sink or Drain

Do you have plumbing problems? If so, then you’re in the right place. We’ve got some tips on how to unclog your sink and sink drain that should alleviate most of these problems quickly and easily.

To start with a little plumbing 101, plumbing systems are designed to be watertight and leakproof.

However, the system has been known to fail at times. For example, when there’s a build-up of debris such as hair and grease inside the pipes. This can lead to clogs in sinks and sink drains which decrease water flow.

How To Unclog Sink Drains Without Sustaining Any Damages

In order to avoid plumbing disasters, it’s important homeowners know how to keep their plumbing running smoothly by taking measures against clogs before they happen.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn here. So let’s get to it.

Toss Out Any Hair, Soap Scum, Or Other Gunk

This is the best way to prevent clogs from forming inside of sink drains and sinks.

Gunk can build up and cause plumbing problems because it eventually congeals to form a buildup.

This material is difficult for water to get past, which leads to plumbing surprises that nobody wants: clogs.

That’s why homeowners should make sure they keep pipes clean on the inside. By removing all gunk from plumbing fixtures, pipes, and plumbing in general, you can save yourself from future headaches.

It doesn’t take much to do this:

Simply use a dropper or pipe cleaner to run water through the system until it runs freely again without any debris.

This is one problem that never needs to happen when homeowners know how to keep their plumbing clear of gunk before clogs happen.

Pour In Boiling Water To Unclog Your Sink & Drain

Boiling water is a plumbing repair favorite.

It’s best to pour boiling water down the sink drain when there are clogs that need to be addressed.

This has two benefits: it loosens up gunk inside of pipes, and softens up hair so you can get rid of it more easily with your fingers or plumbing tools.

When boiling water is poured down the sink drain, it can actually melt away any clog that’s been there for a while and give you immediate relief.

And be sure not to use overly hot water so you don’t harm plumbing pipes by overheating them – this could cause cracks in the material they’re made of.

After pouring the water, it’s recommended you let plumbing fixtures sit for a few minutes before using them. This is to make sure everything has cooled off.

The boiling water method is one of the most popular plumbing repair tips out there. And that’s because it works great at loosening up clogs and preventing plumbing problems from happening in the first place.

Use A Plunger And Pour In Baking Soda

This is another great plumbing maintenance tip that can prevent clogs.

This solution works great for plunging out gunk from sink drains. But it also helps soften up hair so you’ll be able to get rid of it with ease once the clog’s been cleared out.

This method works because baking soda will foam up and mix with any gunk inside of plumbing. The foam then creates bubbles and pressure which can be used to clear out clogs in plumbing systems. Or can even just loosen clogs so they don’t get worse.

Use Your Garbage Disposal

A plumbing repair tip that can help prevent clogs is simply using your garbage disposal.

The way this works is by grinding up any gunk in pipes. This makes it easier for water to flow past the debris once they’ve been broken down into little pieces.

Grinding up material like food or grease might not always be a plumbing repair favorite. But it’s important to use the garbage disposal because it helps keep clogs from forming.

This is especially true if people throw in things like rice, beans, or other materials that can cause plumbing problems in the first place.

Try A Snake Out

Another favorite that can help prevent clogs is a plumbing tool called a snake.

Pipe snakes are used to clear out an entire plumbing system with ease by going through all of the pipes. By doing so, it removes the gunk so it doesn’t have anywhere to go, which is what actually leads to serious plumbing problems.

If you have limited time to make repairs or just want to get it done quickly and easily, then this plumbing maintenance tip is for you. All you need to do is take the plumbing snake, insert it into your plumbing system, and then use it to push out clogs or any other gunk that might be stuck in plumbing pipes.

Then, just pull the plumbing snake back until it’s all out of your plumbing system and then repeat this method as many times as necessary.

While this plumbing repair method might not always be the best, plumbing snakes are a must-have that can help prevent clogs from forming in any plumbing system.

Unclog Your Sink Or Sink Drain With Soap And Hot Water

It’s easy to overlook something this simple. But that’d be a big mistake.

This plumbing maintenance tip should be done regularly because it helps remove any grease or dirt buildup which could get stuck on pipes. This way they don’t form a thicker layer which eventually causes clogs.

This plumbing repair tip is also important because it helps keep your plumbing system running smoothly. And that means less plumbing problems in the future when you’re trying to use plumbing fixtures, like the kitchen sink or bathtub.

Let Plumbing Squad Fix Your Sink & Sink Drain

As useful as these sink & sink drain fixing tips are, sometimes the task is best left to the experts.

If you want to keep your sink & drain running well, just let the Plumbing Squad come and do a quick check. This way there’s no way your plumbing problems could turn into big ones.

Contact us today by phone on our contact page.

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