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Plumbing Services in Lomita

Commercial & Residential Plumbing Services in Lomita

As a town that became part of the Province of Californias under Spanish rule in 1767, Lomita means ‘little hill’. And, while the city’s area may have once stretched to 7 square miles, it’s now made up of 1.9 square miles of land bordered by Torrance in the north and Long Beach in the Southeast.

Lomita was incorporated on June 30th, 1964, and has since existed as a small, residential community in the City of Los Angeles. For homeowners who are happy to call it home, nothing is more important than taking care of their house with consistent maintenance!

Luckily, Plumbing Squad is the plumbing contractor you can trust in the Lomita area. Whether you’re in need of emergency plumbing, residential plumbing or sink installation, our professional plumbers can help!

Residential Plumbing in Lomita

Whether it’s toilet repair, faucet repair or sink repair, there are some minor issues around the home that you might be happy to DIY. However, more complicated tasks like pipe restoration, sewer line repair and water damage restoration can pose a larger issue. While some work might seem minor, even little issues with daily plumbing can lead to big problems. Instead of taking it on yourself, leave the residential plumbing  to the experts. They can ensure nothing is missed so you don’t have to worry about the well-being of your home.

Commercial Plumbing in Lomita

We know how important it is to keep the day-to-day operations of your business running smoothly. With so many things on the go in the Los Angeles area, it’s necessary that your Lomita-based business can compete. That’s why we offer professional commercial plumbing so you can get going – and keep going!

There’s no doubt that the plumbing system of a business experiences more strain than residential plumbing. Because faucets are always being turned and pipes are always in use, plenty of unforeseen issues can appear out of the blue. At Plumbing Squad, we have the necessary equipment and commercial plumbing system experience to ensure we can take care of all your pipe-related issues. Whether your pipes are in need of a tune up or you’re dealing with a major water leak, our trusted plumbing team can help with all your commercial plumbing needs!

Water Damage Restoration in Lomita

The appearance of a water leak might be a minor inconvenience. Unfortunately, this type of plumbing issue can point to major problems. A blocked toilet or a small leak can quickly burgeon into something that will cost time and money to repair. Fortunately, we have the expertise to find the problem, limit the impacts and complete water damage restoration so your home or business will be up and running quickly.   

Plumbing Service You Can Count On

We know that nothing can cause an inconvenience quite like plumbing issues. Whether it happens to be a sink installation or a faucet installation for your home or business, we can take it on and do it right the first time. Before your plumbing problems become too big, trust in the seasoned professionals at Plumbing Squad. We have the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to fix it, in no time flat.

For professional plumbing help, contact the Plumbing Squad now at (866) 324-9553.