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Does Your Home Have Water Pressure Issues?

A faucet where water comes too quickly may be a sign that you’re dealing with water pressure issues. But not every water pressure issue impacting your pipes is going to be visible!

In fact, whether you’re dealing with high or low water pressure, there are several signs around your home that point to a problem.

If you’ve noticed any of the following things around your home, it may be time to call in the experienced emergency plumbing professionals for an inspection.

Signs That You Have Water Pressure Problem

Are you experiencing water pressure issues in your home? Low water pressure can be frustrating and impact the functionality of your plumbing fixtures. Here are some common signs that indicate you may have water pressure problems:

A Running Toilet

A running toilet can be a product of not flushing properly. However, if you notice this issue frequently or your toilet even flushes itself, it points to a water pressure problem.

This kind of issue may lead to your toilet fill valve wearing away more quickly than normal.

If you’ve noticed this issue around your home and you don’t require toilet repair, it may be time to have a plumber check things out.

Woman sitting on bathroom floor beside leaking pipe with blue bucket

Leaking Pipes

It might come as a surprise but a leaking pipe in your home can actually be caused by water pressure issues.

Because an increase in water pressure can build tension in your pipes and loosen joints, it can mean ruptures over time that lead to leaks. And unfortunately, not every leak in your home can be easily found.

Many leaks in your home’s plumbing system may occur behind the walls, in the ceiling or around other places you’re less likely to see. If you’ve noticed a strange smell or the presence of mold on ceilings or walls, the right plumbing contractor will be able to identify the issue. 

Increased Utility Bills

Every homeowner has months where the utilities are a little bit pricier than others. But if you’ve noticed your water bill increase suddenly, it could point to problems with your water flow.

If you’re dealing with high water pressure, it could mean that faucets are pushing out more water every time you turn the tap. Over time, a small amount here and there will add up to big costs.

If your water bill is getting hard to bear, it might be worth doing a bit of investigating around your home to ensure nothing is amiss.

Hammer and nails on hardwood floor

Water Hammer

Have you heard a ‘water hammer’ around your home? It’s unmistakable and gets its name from the sound of a hammer as water moves through your pipes.

In the case that you’re dealing with a water pressure regulator that isn’t working, the change of water flow can slap into your pipes and lead to this sound. Unfortunately, this problem can lead to loosened joints that eventually result in broken pipes.

If you’ve noticed this sound in your home, make sure you don’t wait to call in the professionals.


Whether it’s low or high, a water shift in your home can mean problems for your plumbing system. That’s why, if you’ve noticed a leak or a water hammer issue, the culprit may be your home’s water pressure.

If you’re not sure how to increase water pressure in your home, call the experts at Plumbing Squad at (866) 324-9553 or reach us on our website.

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