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Dealing with Dishwasher Installation

All of the connections that go into making your dishwasher work can be overwhelming for the average homeowner. However, a dishwasher installation can be made easy with just a few simple tips!

The only thing required is a little bit of learning (and reading!) so you can have your new dishwasher installed in no time flat.

If you can’t make it work, you can always call in the professionals at Plumbing Squad who will be happy to help.

How To Deal With Dishwasher Installation Properly

Installing a dishwasher may seem like a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be a manageable project. Here are some steps to guide you through the process of dealing with dishwasher installation:

Out With the Old Dishwasher

The first step in dishwasher installation is getting rid of your old one. And that means shutting off the electricity and turning off your water supply before you get started.

Then, you’ll want to remove the front access panel and disconnect the wiring from the old dishwasher. Be sure to have a container at hand to avoid any water damage from a drip!

Once this is done, remove all the screws and you should be able to pull the old dishwasher out. Ensure you’re careful as you pull so you don’t cause damage to your floor.

Technician replacing old dishwasher

How to Prepare for Dishwasher Installation

Remove your new dishwasher from its packaging, ensuring that you keep any instructions just in case. You may even want to save the cardboard from the box for moving it into place at the end of the installation.

Once you’ve placed the dishwasher on its back to make connection access easier, remove the front panel.

You should then be able to spot all the connections required to make dishwasher installation a go.

Make All the Connections

Hooking up your new dishwasher will require three main connections: power, water supply and drain.

The water supply can be hooked up by attaching the supply tube to the water inlet valve on the dishwasher with the 90-degree elbow fitting. You should be able to find this in your dishwasher installation kit!

You can then disconnect the drain hose and affix the new one, attaching it to the garbage disposal or the sink drain piece.

Set of plumber tools

Do a Trial Run

Once all of your lines are connected, you’re ready to test out your newly installed dishwasher to see how it functions!

Turn it right side up and be sure it’s level so it won’t be jostled when it’s in use. If it’s needed, be sure to secure it to the countertop or adjacent cabinets so any movement will be kept to a minimum.

Do a trial run to ensure that everything is hooked up and nothing looks out of the ordinary.

If no leaks have sprung for one full cycle, your dishwasher installation service has been a success!


Installing a dishwasher is even easier than embarking on water heater replacement! All that’s required are a few simple instructions and a dishwasher installation kit so you can DIY it. In no time flat, you’ll have your new dishwasher at your service to make dish-duty a little easier!

If you’re in need of a little help around the house with your dishwasher installation, call the professionals at Plumbing Squad at (866) 324-9553 or reach us on our website.

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